Laboutiek is a fashion brand that offers stylish business women's wear that is
suitable for every occasion and that is mainly comfortable to wear. Get the most out of yourself. We continuously strive for high quality for fair prices. Laboutiek tries to design as many timeless items as possible and does not practice “ Fast fashion”.

Laboutiek 's mission is to make every woman look stylish and confident, but also make them feel untouchable. Regardless of your age, your profession or your size, our slogan is;
"Every woman deserves to feel like a lady".


Stephanie Vollmer grew up in the Netherlands. As a young girl she was always dressed in the most adorable and stylish clothes by her creative mother who poured her passion for fashion into her daughter from the very beginning.

Entrepreneurship and a spirit of commerce were in Stephanie’s blood from a young age and throughout her life she was aware that whilst others may have dreams, she had goals.

After years of working at various multinational organisations, where being well dressed for work was a pre-requisite, Stephanie noticed that it was always difficult to find the right clothing. She longed for elegant, timeless, and stylish designs which were both comfortable to wear and suitable for every occasion but could find them nowhere.

During her busy full-time corporate job, she went on a much-needed holiday to the Seychelles with her partner. It was when she finally had time to relax on a beach bed on one of the World’s most beautiful islands that she came up with the solution to tackle the issue and it was then that she decided to set up her own clothing line.

It was during this holiday that she worked out a business plan and when she returned home she executed it to perfection. All at once, her need was fulfilled and the rest is history...

Stephanie believes that every woman deserves to feel like a lady.

Buying clothes just as often as changing fashion trends is not good for people and the enviroment. The temptation is big, because in shops and online you always spot new clothing collections. This so- called 'fast fashion'causes a lot of waste and unfair production.

Laboutiek does not do sale and Fast fashion. We use timeless items with high quality for fair prices. Our global partners also do not use Laboutiek items for sale . This way your clothing always retains their value and because it is timeless you can enjoy your items longer and we all contribute to the environment!